Trend Check: Blouses and Sweaters

by - 29.9.13

Hey Guys!

How are you all? I actually wanted to post a picture of the clothes I buyed in London, but they're still not dry (thank you cold Germany -.-) So i decided to the the Style Check! Today's style is Blouses and Sweaters, that you can see a lot in cities right now, since it's getting colder and pretty cool! It has something sophisticated in my opinion and reminds me of smart people and someone who works in a Bank or something like that. 
You can combine simple sweaters with simple blouses or printed blouses, for example with little flowers or birds, what makes it more girly.
Here we have Olivia Palermo and Emma Stone rocking this style:

And here some Streetstyler:

Since I'm really enjoying doing sets with this style, here are some inspireds how I'd style it:

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