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by - 18.1.14

Hey Guys! 
I'm finally updating :) I hope you still have a look on this blog, and one more time, I want to apologize for not posting lot of times.
This outfit was about 2 months ago when I went to the cinema with some friends. I forgot to post it, so I'm doing it now :) I hope you like it! I really do, the blouse is really comfy since it's silk and I love the scarf soo much! Unfortunately I can't wear it often since it's pretty cold. I can't wait for spring! :)

Blouse: H&M (on sale for 10€)
Scarf: Primark (5€ if i remember right)
Jeans: Local Boutique (on sale for about 10€)

I couldn't find some cheap similars, so here's a (for me) pretty expensive version of my outfit.

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