Kenzo Sweater

by - 9.2.14

Hey guys!
I don't know if you noticed (even if it's nearly impossible, because it's everywhere!) but Kenzo Sweaters are the blogger's and model's fave sweater! On fashionweek you can see some and it's a really common streetstyle. Here you have some examples of blogger, stars and models wearing the beautiful Tiger-Sweater:

But unfortunately, not everybody can afford this sweater. On Farfetch it's on $311 - "quite" a lot. But there are lots of similars for less than $50! Here I searched for some, check them out and get the look! You can easy pair it with Jeans (preference boyfriend jeans) & pumps, or combine it with a skirt or do it like Jourdan and wear leather leggings with it! :) 

1. Bankfashion - $33
2. Kohl's - $35
3. Forever 21 - $25
4. Modcloth - $50
5. ASOS - $29
6. Rings and Tings - $33 (SSO)

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