Trench-Check: Culottes

by - 10.2.16

Here we have another Trend-Check, this time Culottes! You can see lots of celebrities wearing them, here I've just seen one woman wearing them. If you style them well, they can still look really ladylike even being large. Just have a look here on some inspiration:

In spring and fall or on a less freezing winter day, you can wear them only with a scarf and sweater. You see, it doesn't look bulky!

If it's colder, even a coat or Blazer looks good without looking massive.

We Wore What Blogger Danielle Bernstein loves culottes; here are jsut some of her looks:

A very simple and often used look is black and white or/and printed crop tops to simple culottes.

 Here some more outfit ideas with blouses and to make your legs look long even with the short cutting culottes: high heels!

Here are some sets I created:

Untitled #497
Sweater: Beautifulhalo ($27)
Coat: She Inside ($25)
Culotte: New Look ($22)
Over-Knees: GoJane ($43)
Bag: ASOS ($27)
 Watch: Surfstich ($35)

Untitled #496

Sweater: Genuine People ($39)
Culottes: ($43)
Pumps: Charlotte Russe ($43)
Bag: New Look ($17)
Watch: Oasis Store ($43)
Rings: Nelly ($17)

Untitled #495

Crop Top: Topshop ($16)
Culottes: Zalando ($44)
Pumps: With Chic ($38)
Bag: Dorothy Perkins ($18)
Necklace: Forever 21 ($6)

Unbenannt #481

Blazer: TJMaxx ($17 sso smiliar here)
Top: New Look ($13)
Culottes: Miss Selfridge ($12 sso smiliar here)
Birkenstock: Zappos ($100)
Bag: Rent The Runway ($30)
Sunglasses: Amazon ($6 sso similar here)
Watch: Amazon ($42)
Rings: Nelly ($17)

Unbenannt #480

Top: Choies ($14)
Culottes: H&M ($15 sso similar here)
Pumps: She Inside ($30 sso similar here)
Watch: GoJane ($20 sso similar here)

Unbenannt #479

Crop Top: Yoins ($7)
Culottes: Glamorous ($43)
Heel Sandals: Nordstrom ($50 sso similar here)
Backpack: Ashley Steward ($40 sso similar here)
Watch: H&M ($29 sso similar here)
Necklace1: Forever21 ($6)

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