Eurovision Song Contest 2014

by - 11.5.14

Hey guys!
Yesterday was the big final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. Since last year's winner Emelie Forest ("Only Teardrops") is from Denmark, the European Show was setted in Copenhagen. It was a great show with lots of beautiful and also catchy songs. Unfortunately my native country Portugal didn't pass the First Semifinal. Okey, I didn't like the song anyway, I wanted Catarina Pereira ("Mea Culpa") to sing for Portugal, since it was as really modern song, but seems like Portuguese wanted Suzy :D
But not only the songs were great, also some outfits were really beautiful! 

Slovenian singer Tinkara Kovac ("Round and Round" unfortunately only 25th) wore a huge blue dress with black lace. It wasn't my favourite outfit but since the song was great, I'll overlook that ;)

Valentina Monetta ("Maybe" on 24th place) from San Marino wore a simple white Dress with some long fringe on the arms and in the front. Simple- but classy! 

Azerbaijan singer Dilara Kazimove ("Start a fire" a great ballad who only got on 22th) wore a beautiful red dress with darker ornaments in the upper part. A perfect dress for her lovely ballad!

The italian Pop/Rock-singer Emma ("la mia città") wasn't my favourite concerning the music, but her outfit was one of the best! The white dress with golden and silver embellishments and the golden laurel wreath let her appear like a roman queen.

Molly ("Children of the Unsiverse" only 17th) from the UK wore a golden dress with feathers in the front and in the back. Also did she wear a golden headband (similar one from ASOS) and her hands were painted with Henna. Combined with her rough voice, it was a perfect match!

My favourites from the Eurovision 2010 Paula seling & Ovi ("Miracle" a great song which got on 12th.. should have been looot better!) retourned this year to sing again for Romania and did a great job like the last time. Paula's black-shining dress was pretty sexy with a big decollté and short length but it suited the disco-song they sang. They should've become at least 3rd like in 2010 but unfortunately they didn't :(

The beautiful Ruth Lorenzo ("Dancing in the Rain" got on 10th) represented Spain in a just as beautiful long pearl-white dress with some rhinestones and pearls combined with her wet hair which matched with her great-sung ballad.

One of the most beautiful singers yesterday, Mariya Yaremchuk ("Tick Tock" on a well-deserved 6th place) from Ucraine wore a long dark blue dress with cutouts in the lower and some in the upper part, a leather belt and dark fringes. The outfit was sexy and very modern and flattered Mariya's great body.

The dutch band The Common Linnets ("Calm after the Storm" got 2nd!) had a really nice song which was pretty popular in Europe as we can see in the place they reached. Ilse DeLange the female singer of the duo, wore a really cute white fluttery dress which she combined with a simple half updo. 

The big winner of the night Conchita Wurst ("Rise Like a Phoenix" won the competition) from Austria wore a beautiful long pearl-white dress with golden ornaments and a thin golden belt.  The mermaid cut and the long sleeves made it really classy and the perfect dress for a well-deserved winner!

Swedish singer Sanna Nielsen ("Undo" got on 3rd place) was speculated to win and was seen as favourite all over Europe. She didn't win, but the showed her beautiful voice and her gorgeouse black dress. It was a short one with glitter-pearls and made of chiffon and sequin. A great dress for a show like Eurovision!

All in all you can see that all women wore great outfits which mostely suited their song perfectly. Of course the man looked good as well, but their (most of the times) black suits aren't as interesting as the gorgeouse dresses the women wear ;)

I hope you like it! -xoxo Sara 

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