Trend Check: Marine Stripes

by - 29.6.14

Hey Guys!
Yes, I'm finally back with my Trend Check. First of all I wanna say sorry for not posting a lot, I hope I can change this fact :)
Now we're gonna go to the stripes. The "Marine-Trend" is back, if you haven't noticed it already. It doesn't matter where you are - beach, supermarket, at your job - the stripe shirts are everywhere! They're pretty casual and a have-to for every woman! Not only is there the typical blue-white stripe shirt, but the new Hype: red stripes! If you don't wanna be "usual" use this trend or be more radical: neon colours are also possible. But you have to consider not to be over-the-top by using too much colour-blocking ;)
Here are some stars and streetstyler which adore wearing stripes, so that you can inspire by their outfits:

Taylor Swift is probably the best-known stripe lover among the stars!

Also Alexa Chung, Clémence Poésy(with her enviable unfailable french-style), Kim Kardashian-West & Miranda Kerr sometimes stick to the casual look by using a stripe Tee

 Duchess Kate 

And here are some sets I made for you guys. I hope you like them ;)

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