Style Check - Camel Coat

by - 25.12.14

first of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody! I hope you all had amazing holidays!
I want to say sorry for not posting anything since months, but Uni started and I have less time than before...
But here I am with a new Style Check, this time the Camel Coat! In this freezing Winter days we need a Coat to keep us warm (at least here in Germany it's verry cold) and who says we can't look chic in the wintertime as well?
Here we have some streetstyle looks with Camel Coats paired -almost everytime- with Jeans

Herewith Tamara Ecclestone on the left and Hilarry Duff on the right

Most use the Coats long like Chiara (left) and Zoe Saldana (right), but there are also short versions as you can see at Taylors look (middle)

And here 2 Sets I made with affordable clothes. 

First Set:
Coat: Mango, $93
Sweater: Black Five, $30

2nd Set:

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