Style Crush Sunday - Kendall Jenner

by - 15.3.15

Hey guys!
Sorry I didn't post the last few week, they have been pretty busy (I've been to Berlin) and this week I'm lying in bed because of a cold....
But here I am with a new Style Crush Sunday, this time it's Kendall Jenner's turn!
I'm totally in love with her clothes, since they're pretty casual and I'd wear them without thinking if it's too overdresses here. I mean check it out:

And here some outfit I tried to find in a cheaper version:

Blazer: Only, $42
Top: Only, $28
Mocassins: Yoox, $43
Sunglasses: River Island, $14

Pants: Dorothy Perkins, via, $18

Jacket: Windsor, $30
Turtleneck: Uniqlo, $15
Jeans: Necessaryclothing, $45 sso
Shoes: gojane, $23
Bag: via renttherun
Sunglasses: Lucluc, $11 sso
Beanie: H&M, $6

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