London 2013 Part Two

by - 1.4.15

Hey Guys!

Happy April Fool’s Day! Don’t worry I won’t be playing a trick on you, I hate it!
So here I am again for continuing on my experience in London.

On Tuesday we left the hostel very early at about 9:30 am for a sightseeing tour in our coach. We picked up a guide who told us important information about the most important London sights we got to see. You can imagine that we all were still very tired, so most of us slept a bit during the tour. It took us about 2 and a half hour, I don’t really remember, the I only thing I know is that about 12am the coach stopped in front of Madame Tussaud’s so we had the whole afternoon for ourselves. 

Like always the boys went to KFC, like every lunch (for dinner they ate Subway – I still don’t understand, there was sooo delicious food!) while my friend, the punk girl & her friend and me went to a little fish n chips restaurant. For £5 we ate soo much and so good! At the same time as the boys left the KFC, we paid our lunch at walked with them the whole Baker Street till we finally reached Oxford Street. The boys only were interested in the expensive (at least for me) shops like Abercrombie & Hollister. My friend and me first went to Primark (I got a sweater and a hoodie), than to New Look, Topshop, Forever 21 (one more sweater) till we were so tired of shopping, that we decided to go by underground to Westminster. There we took some photos of the Houses Of Parliament, the Aquarium and the London Eye.

We got back to the hostel to get ready for the evening programm. All together with the London B group we went to Shakespeare’s Globe to watch Macbeth. 3 hours of watching a play where you only could understand half of it because it was in old English. And we had to stand! At least there was such a funny man who had an incredible laugh so that everyone in the globe had to laugh we he laughed. Don’t get me wrong, it was really good, but after 1 ½ hour, our feet hurt so much that we left the Globe in the break. We (2 girls from my French class, let me call them J and A, a girl from my old class, Ana, and 4 of the boys – yeeees my crush included) sat a bit outside on some benches and waited for the play to end. When everyone got outside we even heard the teachers say that they also left in the break. And that’s when the best phrase of the weak was said by the teacher I hated the most: “I think you are all old enough to go to the hostel alone, we teachers are going to a pub, so good night till tomorrow.” We all stand there like whaaaaat?
So we went home alone, there was nothing we could do as underage teenagers. After the Milleniumbridge nobody really knew where we had to go, so we divided ourselves up. J, A, Ana and me tried to walk the way back we had gone when we left the hostel, but we got lost at St. Paul’s Cathedral. It took us over 1 hour to find to the St. Paul’s station, I don’t know what he did wrong hahaha.
When we finally got home we still talked a bit on the stairs till we went to bed at about midnight.

On Wednesday we started at 9:30am again to visit the Buckingham Palace. I can tell you it’s incredibly beautiful from the inside! Everything was white, red and gold, and there was a long hall with paintings of all English kings and queens. It was truly worth it! If I remember right we had about 3 hours to go through the Palace before we met for the Changing of the Guards. J, A, Ana, the 4 boys and me were finished after 1 hour and sat outside in the park of the palace. It was so funny to observe the different types of tourists who were there. One of the boys, was starting to make a plan on how to get to the bedroom of the queen when a guard passed by and he was so scared that he didn’t talk for the rest of the time hahaha.

Unfortunately, there were soooo many people that we didn’t see almost anything from the changing of the guards, so that my friend, her male best friend and me went to St. Jame’s Park to plan the rest of the afternoon. We were getting hungry so we decided to go to Camden once again, since there was such a great variety of food.

When we got there, we first tried everything and after 1 hour we finally decided to eat something Turkish. 3 other boys (the ones who went with my friend on the first evening to the Tower Bridge) found us and sat with us to eat. And while we were eating one of the boys was shit twice (first on the shoulder and then on the head) by the same bird. His face was hilarious! We bought him a new shirt because it smelled really bad… 

My friend and I always wanted an Obey sweater so we went to Urban Outfitters and American Apparel in Camden but they were sooo expensive! So we went back to the Market and searched for some. My friend found a grey one for £25, but she negotiated and got it for £17. Two little shops away, I got my black Obey Sweater for £15 without negotiating and she was so pissed hahahha.

At 4pm, we had to be back at Madame Tussaud’s where everyone was waiting for us. I really enjoyed it, you could take pictures with reaaally realistic dolls. Of course I took a picture with One Direction ahahhahah. But also with president Obama, Brangelina, Beyoncé and a lot more. The employees of Madama Tussaud's are doing a great job! I mean it's incredible how realistic most of the wax figures look!

This was our only free evening, so I went to the London Eye all together. Not everybody was willing to pay £18, so some went to a gambling shop, and the others … I don’t know to be honest. I think the £18 were totally worth it, because you had such an amazing view over London. 

After the 45 minutes on the London Eye, we met with J, A and Ana in Starbucks where we got something to eat and drink. Since it was getting late, we drove back to the hostel where most of the boys where getting pretty drunk. We sat all together on the stairs and talked and laughed till some stupid girls from the room in front of ours came out and started discussing.
“You all should shut up, we can’t sleep and are so tired!” one of the girls said. We looked at each other and started laughing because she and her friends were still in their normal clothes and with makeup on. One of the boys said: “you don’t look like you’re trying to sleep”.
“We’re leaving tomorrow and have to get up at 9am”
“And we will leave the hostel at 9am so we have to get up even earlier. And we will walk the whole day through London, that’s a bit more exhausting than sitting in a coach”, I responded. They got even angrier and went down to the reception and complained about us. A young man – about 25 – with dreadlocks and a really tired (or maybe stoned hahah) gaze came to us and told us to be a bit quiet. Another boy, who was pretty drunk at that moment – said to him in a very bad english: “heeeeii my friend. There iss no problem at alllll. We’re juust enjoying life ya know. We will let them sleep and be quiet for half an hour issss that okeeey?” The young man just nodded and went down, so we could continue. But at about 2am we were getting tired and also went to bed.

I know it’s by far not as funny reading it than it was being there and living it. But I hope I you still like it and I’m bringing you London a bit closer J

Thursday and Friday will be on Part 3, see you next time! xx

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