Porto August 2014

by - 30.5.15

Hey guys!

Last week I’ve been to Rome, so I have another trip to tell you about beside all the others! I didn’t know which trip I should tell you about first, but my friend wanted to hear about Porto, so I decided for that.

So I was in Porto in august last year when I stayed at my cousin, who lives there, for 3 days. She didn’t have to work, so on the first day, we were only at the beach and in the second day, she took my so a sightseeing trip.
We started in the train station of Sao Bento, which is totally beautiful! The entrance hall’s wall are made of painted ceramic tile that show scenes of the History of Portugal.
From there we went the Rua das Flores down. 

I love walking along little streets, they’re so beautiful with their little houses and balconies full of flowers. We passed by the Palacia das Artes, and then along the Rua Mouzinho da Silveira. We stopped at the Infante Dom Henrique Square in front of the Palacia da Bolsa, where sometimes Travel Trade Show take place. We didn’t go inside but from the pictures I found in the internet, it’s really pretty inside.

We went further down till coming to the Ribeira Square next to the River Tejo. 

We were getting hungry so we decided to go over the Dom Luis I Bridge to Vila Nova de Gaia. It’s actually a city, but a lot of people think it belongs to Porto. We sat outside of a little restaurant next to river and ate a sandwich before continuing our promenade along the riverbank. 
We stopped in a little street market and went inside of the Ferreira Port Wine cellar to have Wine Testing but there were sooo many people that we decided we’d rather go shopping.

So we went back to Porto (over the same bridge we had come) and went these terrible stairs up (I nearly diiiiiied). Passing by the Terreiro da Sé, a cathedral and the city’s oldest monument, the Train Station of Sao Bento, the church of Santo Illdefonso. 
And then we finally reached Rua Santa Catarina, the shopping street. After shopping for a looooot of time, we went to a bus station and back home.

In the evening, we went to a mexican restaurant and a bar later.

The next day my cousin had night shift, so she slept till 2pm, and we walked a bit around her neighborhood. At the afternoon the sister of her boyfriend visited us and took me back home.

I can totally recommend going to Porto! It such a beautiful city with a lot of churches and houses with the typical Portuguese white/blue painted ceramic tiles. We can have look on our route on Google Maps if you want ;) 

-sara xx

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