London 2013 Part Three

by - 1.5.15

Hey Guys!

Here we go with the last part of my trip to London! 

Soooo, on Thursday morning we had a guided tour in the Globe Theatre. It was really nice to see everything and getting told the old stories about it.
The tour only took a bit more than an hour and the teachers didn’t know what to do with us. So we went to the Tate Gallery of Modern Arts. When I was in Bilbao, I also went to the Guggenheim Museum and to be honest I didn’t like it. So I had my doubts if I’d like the Tate Gallery, but I can tell you it was amazing (and for free hahaha). The paintings were incredible and there was one that still is in my mind: Vietnam II. I stood in front of it a long time and had tears in my eyes. I even wrote about it in my Spanish graduation exam haha. The colors show the sorrow of the people so good, I just can’t explain… This painting pictures the tension and communicates a palpable threat of violence that is breathtaking. You know the saying: a picture is worth a thousand words? In this case, it suits perfectly.

After walking through the whole gallery, J, A, Ana and me went to Pret-a-manger. It’s soooo delicious! I had a tuna sandwich with capers, of which I still dream…  When we finished, we didn’t know if we were far away from Westminster Pier where we would meet with the rest of the group. So we started walking along the river Themes but me and J were getting annoyed by A und Ana because the stopped every few meters to take photos. Suddenly we didn’t find them anymore since we stopped waiting for them and continued to walk. So we decided to take the Underground because we had no idea where we were. When we finally reached Westminster Pier, everyone was waiting for us (we had to wait another 30 minutes for A and Ana who didn’t talk to J and me for the rest of the day).

We went on a cruise on the river Themes from Westminster to Greenwich and it was so beautiful to see all the buildings! We had so much luck it didn’t rain the whole week we stayed there, it was a bit fresh but very sunny.

When we arrived at Greenwich Pier, we had to walk half an hour to Greenwich Observatory to have a great view over London. The teacher wanted us to stay there for a longer time, but since we had to shower before going to the musical in the evening, we went to the hostel by our own (that wasn’t a great idea, we got lost in the huge Stratford Underground Station)
Like I already mentioned, in the evening we went to Lyceum Theatre to the Musical “The Lion King”. Guess who I got to sit next to? hahah yeesss my crush. I enjoyed the musical so much! The Lion King is practically my favorite Disney movie and I was able to talk and sing along with the actors in German. I don’t know if you have ever watched The Lion King, but there’s this romantic moment of Simba and Nala with the great song “Can You Feel The Night”, and the boys destroyed that lovely moment with their sarcastic “ooohhh that’s so cute”. I highly recommend you to visit the musical!
Since almost everybody was under 18 and we couldn’t go to any pub, we all went back to the hostel to celebrate 3 birthdays (the twins and a boy) at 12pm. So once again, we were all together on the stairs, talking and drinking, when a receptionist told us to be quiet or he’d kick us out. Even our teacher was there with us and started a discussion with him, but there was nothing we could do. At first, we all went to our rooms but then decided to go outside, where we stayed till about 3 am.

The next day we left London, but before, we went to the Houses of Parliament. It was interesting to see the Parliament from the inside, but we were pretty exhausted and there was no place we could sit (but I can tell you the seats where the ministers and lords take seat were sooooo appealing…) so it got a bit boring. Our guide was a bit old, so he didn't even try to tell something surprising... But what do you expect from a Parliament? 
Fortunately, it didn’t take a long time and we still had time left to go to McDonalds before we went back to the hostel and to get to the bus. We also had a stop on the London Eye to see some street artist where we met Charlotte Campbell , a very lovely and talented young woman (I even bought her CD).

On our way back home, almost everybody sat on the seats from when we got to London. We talked and listened to music (Talk Dirty for ONE HOUR continuously! My friends in the front said that I sat in the “party corner” hahah), got on the fairy where the boys flirted with some random 15-year-old girls and gave them the phone number of the boy whose birthday it was, and got back to the bus.
Once again, my friend slept almost the whole bus ride, so I sat a few seats further forward, and since I’m “so small” my crush sat next to me so he had more space than next to his friend. We slept for a few hours, but once again it was so uncomfortable. The punk girl and I decided to take some photos of everyone who was sleeping and the pictures are so cute!
Finally, at 7am we arrived at our school and went home (where we all slept at first). In the evening was the party of the boys whose birthday it was, so we had to get fit ;)

I hope you enjoyed reading my post about London! I really had an amazing time there and I want to go back so hard! I love this city, it has such a sophisticated charm, but on the other side, it’s so multicultural…
See you soon,
Sara xx

There's nowhere else like London. Nothing at all, anywhere -Vivienne Westwood

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