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by - 24.9.15

hey guys!
Once again, sorry for not posting the last weeks! I was working and on vacations....
But hre I am with a new Trend Check, this time The Ponchos!

I don't know how the weather is where you live, but here it's getting colder and colder (summer please stay!). Since Burberry launched their Burberry Poncho with the initials of the Models/It-Girls more shops are imitating the ponchos. There are lots of different styles and materials they are mode of, doesn't matter if it's wool or cashmere.

Lots of Streetstyler and models wear them now that it's getting colder by just throwing them over. here you can see some different styles I put together from searching in the internet:

Olivia Palermo and Alexa Chung were one of the first to have the Burberry ponchos.

You can wear them with Jeans or other pants - but the best is to wear heels with them, since the ponchos make you look a bit smaller.

You can also wear your favourite dress and throw the poncho over, when it's cold outside

A lot of fashionistas wear them with high-knees!

Here I out some sets together with outfits with clothes under $50!

Poncho: H&M ($38)
Dress: Glamourous ($40)
Boots: Sheinside ($42)
Bag: Kate Spade via Renttherunway ($30)
Necklace: Shopdandylionboutique ($10)
Rings: Kohl's ($12)

Poncho: Only ($27)
Jumpsuit: H&M ($18)
High Knees: Cicihot ($55)
Bag: REbecca Minkoff via Renttherunway ($30)
Rings: Forever21 ($6)
Earrings: Overstock ($25)

Poncho: H&M ($45)
Crop Top: New Look ($17)
Skirt: Pink Queen ($10)
High Knees: Urbanog ($48, available in black, taupe, tan and berry)
Bag: H&M ($45)

Poncho: Wetseal ($27)
Turtleneck: H&M ($22)
Jeans: New Look ($17)
Shoes: Wetseal ($35)
Bag: Venus ($29)

I hope you like it! I'll try to post more the next days. The next post will be a travel post again. But I'm still trying to figure out which one to tell you about: Vienna, Berlin or Rome. Tell me in the comments!
- xoxo Sara

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