Style Crush Sunday: Taylor Swift

by - 17.1.16

Hello guys!
I know I haven't posted in a few months now, and I'm sorry for that! But here am I with a new Style Crush Sunday. This time I chose Taylor Swift because she's eveerywheere and her style is amazing!

Most of the time she sticks to monochrome (but not only black and white!) with a crop top and a skirt or shorts. She loves to show her legs (like who wouldn't with these legs?) Here you can have a look on some of her outfits and get some inspiration.

There aren't a lot of pictures of her with Jeans (kind of reminds me of Blair)

She does sometimes chose knee-length skirts and dresses, but her signature look of course are skirts and shorts like shown here:

Here I have chosen three of Taylor's outfits and made a cheaper version. 

Blouse: Victorias Wing ($19)
Shorts: Old Navy ($23)
Socks: Nordstrom ($6)
Shoes: Steve Madden ($44)
Bag: Style Moi ($40)
Hat: Romwe ($13 sold out alternative: Belk $22)

Shirt Dress: Choies ($30 sold out alternative: Romwe $20)
Tights: Zappos ($15 you can chose any tight ;) )
Shoes: Steve Madden ($44)
Belt: Dorothy Perkins ($3)
Bag: Zaful ($29 sold out alternative: Romwe $14)

Blouse: H&M ($22 sold out alternative: Pink queen $25)
Kimono: New Look ($6 sold out alternative: Wear all $22)
Shorts: Black Five ($25)
Shoes: Steve Madden ($44)
Bag: Honeyz ($32 sold out alternative: She Inside $26)

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