Where Is The Love?

by - 17.9.16

Hey Guys!

I know, I totally dissapointed you... I really wanted this blog to be"a thing" and to try to post regularly, but life showed me that you have to invest every time you have in your blog. Since I'm working since March on 40 hours 5 days a week base plus giving 4 hours of private lesson on Saturday I just have the Sunday left.. And this day I want to be with my friends, chilling at the lake and seeing my new (well since one year) crush ... (but thats another story)

I just want to say sorry to everybody who believed in this blog and I really will try to post more often...

I didn't know what to talk about in this post, since I hadn't really time to check out the latest trends (of course I'm having a look on NYFW and LFW), and before posting about a trip, I have to search for good pictures and make up a good text ;)

So I decided to talk about something that really bothers me since a long time. I know, everybody talks about peace and about how cruel the world is and so on. They're right, I'm not saying that they're just "talkers" but I don't know... I do think they really want peace but I sometimes doubt they really ... care? I mean how can I talk about starving people and saying that I feel sad for them, while jetsetting around the world, getting expensive things for free or even spending money on things that you - if you really think about it - don't need ?

People killin', people dyin'
Children hurt and you hear them cryin'
Can you practice what you preach?
Or would you turn the other cheek?

Since I saw the Black Eyed Peas' remake of where's the love, I couldn't stop thinking aboout this issue. Everytime I see or listen to this song, I start crying.

Everytime I see a little child starving, or crying, or trying to run away from a civil war - it doesn't matter if it's a syrian refugee, an bangladeshi, south sudenese or a central american - I start crying. I can't stop crying while I see this little children whose hearts could be so pure suffering because of people that only think about money and power.
Everytime I see pictures from the civil war in Syria, I want to yell at somebody. Not only are human lives being destroyed, they're destroying world heritage like Palmyra. They're destroying ancient history. They're destroying families.
Everytime somebody talks bad about refugees - it doesn't matter if they're just "a bit afraid" or if they're being racist - I get sooo pissed off, as if they were talking about my family. What would you do if a civil war started here in central Europe? Would you stay here and wait for a bomb to kill your whole family? Or would you escape? And where would you escape to? To a country next to yours, which will probably be the next target? Or would you try to have a good life in a rich, social country? Before talking about refugees, think about what you would do in their situation. And think about what happened 70 years ago in Europe. Yes there was something called the second world war. And there were also a lot of refugees. And no they weren't muslims.
That's another point. Offending a whole religion because of some stupid extremists. You can't put everybody in the same pot as we say here in Germany. It's like saying that every German is a Nazi. No they're not. And not every muslim is an extremist. Not every refugee is a terrorist. By excluding them from our society, we're doing the complete opposite of what we want! We want them to learn the language, to addapt to the new society and that they're integrated. But how will they succeed when everybody looks at them with uncertainty and distrust? How will they succeed when they're listening to racist slogans? How will they succeed when they notice that they're not welcome?
And is it really good to kill one another? Aren't the "western countries so civilized that we talk to each other instead of killing" ? So why do they bomb Syria? Why do black and whites kill each other in the US ? Why are terrorists always killed instead of only harm them? Alive, there's still the possibility that they'll corporate. When they're dead, there's nothing.

That's a really sad issue. Sometimes I lay in bed and cry because of this world full of hate and suffering. I wish we could do something to stop all this immediately. I'm not saying we can't; there is a lot we can do to make this world better. Stop defining people about their race, skin colour and religion. #ALLLIVESMATTER
Go vote and vote for someone who's liberate. People like Trump and the AfD here in Germany are doing exactly the same Hitler did. They're using the people's fears to brainwash them. And unfortunately, there are a lot of people who are - sorry if you're feeling offended - too stupid to noticed that they're being used.
Help refugees and immigrants in general. They need help and they need a person of trust. You can't believe how happy they get when you talk to them without distrust. Some weeks ago, I was playing with my friends volleyball and the two little boys from Pakistan who live next to me passed by. Since they're so cute, we wanted to start a conversation with them. My friends (well only two of them, the other three looked at them with distrust, even with the boys beeing 8 and 2) only talked in german and you really could see in the little boy's face, that he wanted to talk his best german. When I looked at him and said "Merhaba" his face literally light up. He was so happy that someone at least tried one word in his language. It really made my day seeing this two little boys smiling at me just because of one word.

I could continue talking about this issue for days, but me as a little 20-year old student can't do anything just by writing a blog post on a blog that no one cares about. I just want people to think about the world's situation - there's also the climate change and the harm we're causing to the world as a planet, to the animals and plants, not only to other humans- and with everybody doing a little step, we're moving forward. And maybe, who knows, at least our grandchildren will be able to live in a world without war ?

P.S.: Here's the old version of Where's The Love

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