Berlin March 2015

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Here we are again with a new Travel post! Finally, it’s about my trip to Berlin in March 2015 (almost 3 years ago!) We went there because of the ITB, the International Tourism Exhibition which takes part every year in March in Berlin and is the biggest Tourism Trade in the world.

We drove there by bus on a Monday morning (took us 7 hours if I remember right) and got to our hostel (the lovely wombats hostel, totally recommend it!) 

On our first day there we went on a „free tour“. This is a guided tour through not so common sights which is for free, you just pay if and what you want at the end. The guide showed us the Alexanderplatz and went to Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg with us. This two boroughs of Berlin are known as the more poor and intercultural ones. (or as some racist German would say: the Muslim part of Berlin). To be honest I didn’t like these parts of Berlin because it was really dirty and old. You really could see that this is the part where people without money and without future live. It’s not that I prefer the rich and clean places, I just didn’t like this type of poor area. I didn’t feel very safe to be honest and I’m far away from being a suspicious and prejudiced person.

The tour ended at the East Side Gallery, the former wall who separated east and west Berlin. The graffiti there is truly amazing and I couldn’t stop taking pictures not only because of the unbelievable art, but also because of the history beyond it and the wall. Remembering that families where torn apart by it broke my heart.

From a bridge in Kreuzberg

My friend in front of the wall

In the evening we ate something in the bar next to our hostel and went to a Mexican restaurant to celebrate the birthday of a fellow student.

The next day, we went to the Reichstag, the german parliament. It was really interesting passing by some politicians and seeing the place, where Germany is ruled and laws are being made. After that we just went shortly to the Brandenburger Tor for some photos and finally went to the ITB (the cause we went to Berlin, but tbh we weren’t there a lot) to have a short look on some of the exibitors.

The Brandenburger Tor

The Reichstag

The next two days were mostly passed at the ITB, talking with exhibitors, getting free stuff (still got about 10 bags) and crying about how our feet hurt (I truly NEVER had such feet ache as during this stay in Berlin). It was really interesting meeting people from all over the world and getting in contact with them.

Drinking fresh coffee from ethiopia 

On the fourth day we went to Mario Testinos “In Your Face” exhibition. I’ve always loved his photography’s, but I got to love them even more after getting to know more of them. He is truly an artist!

In the evening, there was an amazing party at the ITB. It was so funny and we had so much fun!

Mario Testino photography

Mario Testino photography

Our last full day in Berlin was spend at the ITB. For dinner we went to “Que Pasa” a lovely Mexican restaurant. Then, all students went together to club named E4. At the beginning it was all nice, but most of the people were completely drunk and since we had to leave quite early the next morning, we went home at about 2am.

That was my trip to Berlin! As you might have noticed (if you read my other travel posts) this post wasn’t as enthusiastic as the others. Tbh I’m not a big Berlin fan, and I don’t feel the need to go there once again (in comparison to London, I definitely loved the city!)
But well, I did like Potsdamer Platz and the sights, and you can go shopping very well there. But it’s just my opinion, there are lots of people who love Berlin!

Have you every been to Berlin? If yes, did you like it? And if no, do you want to go there or not? Leave a comment and tell me about your stay there!

-       - Sara xx

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  1. i had no idea you dont like the city.
    loved reading through this post. so many memories.. bittersweet though.
    <3 <3