Trend Check: Rose Suede Jacket

by - 29.4.18

Hello Guys!

Here I am again, searching for something else to do than my thesis! Today we're back with a Trend Check, this time rose Suede Jackets!

I bought one myself two months ago and I really like it! It's perfect for sunny but fresh spring days. I like to combine it with a simple white Shirt and black or blue Jeans as well as white shoes. I also have used the jacket with a mesh black top and black Jeans as well as a pair of sneakers in the same colour as the jacket. Here you can see some streetstyles:

Unfortunately, Polyvore is down... That means that there won't be any more sets whilst I don't find a page that is as good as polyvore was (#petitiontobringpolyvoreback)

But well, the alternative I found instead of sets is a rotating widget with some examples of the type of clothes I would style it. I hope you like it, and if yes (or if not!) please leave a comment! :)

- Sara xx

Rose Suede Jackets

Black Mesh Tops

White Shirts

Rose Sneakers

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