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by - 24.6.18

Hello there!

Yes, you're reading right, I'm back! University is finally over, all my thesis i had to write are submitted and now I'm "only" working until my vacations in August. 

And as I got some time right now, I thought about writing a blogpost about my favourite series I'm watching right now and can recommend. Maybe you're searching for one and can get inspired :) I tried to grade the series, so that you can see which one I like more, but it's pretty dificult since I really like them all....

#7 13 Reasons Why

I started watching 13 reasons why after my brother told me that it was really interesting. I got stuck in the story of Hannah Baker, a teenage girl who commits suicide after suffering from bullying, violation and lack of friends. It is a very difficult theme to talk about and sometimes I don't know if it's too harsh to show young teenagers so explicit scenes. But I do think that it's a good series to show everyone how people suffer and what impacts our actions have on others. 

#6 Suits

Suits is a legal drama series about the talented college dropout Mike Ross and the lawyer Harvey Specter. I watched the series with my boyfriend and really enjoyed it, because it was funny but also dramatic sometimes and interesting to get to know the work of lawyers (despite not all lawyers work like them (: )

#5 Dynasty

I first got interested in Dynsty after seeing a video about it on Facebook. In this video it was said that if you like Gossip Girl, that would be a good serie for you. Since I liked Elizabeth Gillies in Victorious and Nathalie Kelley in The Vampire Diaries, I decided to give it a chance.
It's not as intense as Gossip Girl, but it's a good series to watch if you like soap operas surrounding the "rich and beautiful". There are sometimes strange moments, but all in all, it's a entertaining serie.

#4 Riverdale

I normally don't like to watch series that are beeing ultra-hyped (reason why I never watched Game Of Thrones, Walking Dead and Stranger Things, despite they do seem to be good series). But I don't know why, Riverdale soemhow managed to catch my attention that's why I decided to watch a few episodes. The first episode (like in most series) wasn't really catchy, but I wanted to know how the story goes on and the more I watched, the more I loved it. I do like mysterious series (as you can the in #3) that's my Riverdale got me. The characters aren't as elaborated as  in #1, but somehow I can identify myself a bit with everyone. Maybe that's the reason, besides of the plot, which I personally really enjoy, why I recommend the serie.

#3 The Vampire Diaries/ The Originals

Oh my dear, my very first serie. I looooove, loooove, looooove Damon, that was somehow the biggest reason why I always watched the series, even when it had a season where it wasn't very interesting (I think it was the last but one or even the last) but it was so all-consuming with it's elaborate characters and the ensnared plot. Sometimes, it was a bit too much background information and difficult to follow if you missed more than 2 episodes (or like me the first time I watched the series only started in mid of season 2) but it's such a loving series with it's own world. 
I put the spin-off The Originals together with The Vampire Diaries, because I loved it as much. It was somehow darker, more aggressive and less focussed on love triangles than the Vampire Diaries what made it kind of different to VD but however alike. 

#2 Gossip Girl

Maybe the number one teen drama series on the world. Gossip Girl catched me already by the first episode, with the luxurious world of the rich and beautiful but it's characters with (almost) normal problems. Even after watching it the first time and knowing who Gossip Girl is (one of the reasons why you have to watch all seasons because you NEED to know it!) I enjoyed watching it two more times (#guiltypleasure). I've always been team Chuck Bass, another good reason to watch this series (how can someone be that good looking?). Another thing that I really enjoyed was the focus on fashion, one of my faibles (as you might have noticed on this blog).

#1 One Tree Hill

Last, but lever least, my all-time favourite serie is One Tree Hill. This drama serie taught me some much about life, it's incredible. Not only did it show me how important friends and partners are, but also how to love myself and put my own well-being at least at the same level as the one of others. The characters (especially my favourite Brooke Davis) have been elaborated in detail and also the plot is so interesting and captivating. I think I didn't laugh and cry as much as while watching One Tree Hill. I can't tell you how amazing this serie is, you have to watch it by yourself to see for yourself. 

So guys, this was my favourite series post, I hope you enjoyed :) Please leave a comment if you know some of this series and what you think about them. If you have other series you recommend, also leave a comment, as soon as I finish Dynasty I'm looking for a new one :)
- Sara xx

"There's a day when you realize that you're not just a survivor, you're a warrior. You're tougher than anything life throws your way."- Brooke Davis, One Tree Hill

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2 Kommentare

  1. why have i never heard of dynasty? sounds interestingggg! might actually have to check this one out!

    if you're looking for some new series to binge on here are three of my recommendations:

    - how to get away with murder (binged all seasons of this in 3 weeks?!)
    - i know you mentioned you dont like super hyped ones but you haaaveeeee to watch stranger things! i didnt think i would like it that much since i was never really into zombie-like stuff? but it really is worth watching!
    - just started watching bates motel a few days ago and im already hooked!

    <3 <3

    1. Thanks so much for the recommendations! As soon as I finish the ones I'm looking right now I will get back to yours :) xx