Rome May 2015 - Day 3

by - 16.3.17

Here we are again for the last post of my trip to Rome! 

On our last full day in Rome we went to the Vatican City. We took a train from Trastevere to the Vatican City and went through the lovely streets to Piazza San Pietro. There, we got in line for the Vatican Museum, which at 10 am was already huugee. Fortunately a women started talking to us offering a guided tour with line skipping for I think 30€ per person. We weren't sure if you should do it or not, but luckily we accepted and went to their office. We had to wait there for the german tour to start, and then we finally were able to skip the line and enter the museum.

Piazza San Pietro

Piazza San Pietro 

After entering the Vatican Museum, you practically immediately go into the Cortile della Pigna. Its a beautiful garden which is named after the huge bronze pine cone. In the mittle of the garden is a golden globe, which was gifted to Pope John Paul II in 1990. 

Cortile della Pigna

After being in the garden, we continued our guided tour inside the museum. I'm still overpowered over the paintings, statues and the architecture itself. I'm really into art, so the museum was like heaven for me. There were so many incredible painting with so many details, it's hard to describe. 

inside the museum

Gallery of Maps

After leaving the Vatican Museum, we stepped into the aaamaaazing Sistine Chapel. I really really recommend visiting the chapel, even if it's a bit pricey. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of it since you're not allowed to take photos in there. Of course all churches have great paintings, but the one in the Sistine Chapel is unbelievable, especially the paintings on the ceiling.

While we were in the museum and in the chapel, it had started to rain - a lot. From the Sistine Chapel to the Basilica of St. Peter's you have to go downstairs. Since it was raining really bad, these stairs were pretty slick. My friend fell down, and since she was afraid of her reflex camera, she protected the camera and landed on her elbow. Just minutes later we realized, that she was full of blood but we didn't speak any italian. Fortunately, our guide was still next to us, so that the talked to the guards who took us to a seperated place in the basilica. A few minutes later, a doctor arrived and had a look on the elbow of my friend. She had a deep hole in her skin so that they called an ambulance who took her with another friend to the hospital. 

After that incident, the three of us who were left were so exhausted and sluggish, that we just took a few photos inside of the Basilica of San Peter's and left shortly after. I actually wanted to go up to the Dome, but since there was a storm with lightnings my friends were afraid to go up. 

inside the Basilica di San Pietro

So we went out into the rain, and ran under the colonnades of the San Peter's Square, getting totally wet and - finally enough - when we got out of the Vatican City it stopped raining. 
We got ourselves traditional italian panini and went to the Castel Sant' Angelo.
There we took some photos of the bridge and the impressive castle, but decided we were really tired and went to a lovely café nearby. 
We actually wanted to go shopping on this day, but we were so tired, that we did stroll torugh Via del Corso, but didn't enter any shop.

Ponte Sant'Angelo

Basilica di San Pietro from the Castel Sant'Angelo

Castel Sant'Angelo

Later on, we met our friends in front of the Piazza Venezia, went home for a refreshing shower and had dinner in the restaurant of the night before. It was a really lovely ending of our trip to Rome, which I will never forget. 

On Saturday, we left pretty soon, because we had to get the bus to get to Rome Ciampino. Fortunately we left so soon, since we needed nearly 3 (!!!!) hours to get to the airport because there was so much traffic. But we had fun during the ride, since a really funny guy started talking to us and entertained us. 

That was our trip to Rome, I hope you enjoyed the posts and maybe I was able to pitch you to this lovely and beautiful city. 
See you next time beautiful people! - Sara xx

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