Rome May 215 - Day 2

by - 13.3.17

Buongiorno Guys!

Here we are with Day 2 of my Rome Adventure 😁

After having Breakfast, we took the tram to the Piazza Venezia, from where we walked to the Pantheon through lovely little streets.

The Pantheon is truly impressive. I mean can you believe that it was built in 114 AD? I often forget how old these building are... There were lots of people again, so we didn't stay there for a long time. It's definitely worth a visit, but in my opinion it's just a walk by station since there isn't a lot to see in the inside. Remember that it's a church and that you have to cover your shoulders and knees! Tip #3: Take a scarf with you, even if it has more than 20°C outside - You can just throw it over so that you can enter the churches :) 


Piazza della Rotonda

Pantheon from the inside

After being in the Pantheon, we went to the popular Piazza Navona, where I could have stayed for a longer time to be honest. I really enjoy watching street artists by their work, being it singing, drawing, etc

Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona

My friend - who was kind of our guide all the days we stayed in Rome- told us that we'd have an amazing view over Rome from another of the seven hills - the Aventine Hill. So we walked from the Piazza Navona along the river Tiber to the Orange Gardens. On our way there, we stopped by the Tiber Island, the only island in the Tiber River. It's so calm there; I can totally understand why there were some people sleeping and reading on the south-east end of the island.

Tiber Island

The way up to the Orange Garden was really exhausting, but worth it. The Garden itself is soooo beautiful (there was even a wedding shooting 😍), but the view over Rome is so amazing! So tip #4 go up the Aventine Hill and visit the Orange Garden!

Giardino degli Aranci - The Orange Garden 

View from the Aventin Hill

View from the Aventin Hill

View from the Aventin Hill

Just a few steps from the Orange Garden is the Church of St. Mary of the Priory. This church or better it's keyhole is known all over the world because when you're watching through it, you can see the dome of the St. Peter's Basilica.

Il Buco Di Roma - View from the "Holy Keyhole" of Santa Maria del Priorato

It was about 4 o' clock in the afternoon when we decided that we were already going home, so that we could shower and go out for dinner. We went to a lovely restaurant in Trastevere and enjoyed Pizza and Spaghetti for a totally reasonable price! After eating, we strolled through the streets of Trastevere and went to a bar I think next to the Piazza della Scana and than to one next to the Piazza Trilussa.

Pizza & Spaghetti in Trastevere

And here's our route from Day 2:

So, that was day 2! Day 3 and the most emotional, funny, exhausting and stressful day is following in a few days. So you there and till then, leave a comment!

- Sara xx

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